The most popular amenities in MH parks

We’ve seen a surge in the popularity of manufactured housing communities in recent years. As we have discussed many times, manufactured homes represent a cost-effective option for potential homebuyers, especially those looking to downsize or buy within their means.

As a result of growing popularity, more parks are beginning to upgrade their amenities to meet the needs of their residents and potential residents as well as bring their communities into the 21st century.

One of the most popular amenities continues to be a pool. Pools offer a great way for residents to cool off in the summer heat and to come together as a community. Many parks offer community pools with lounging and seating areas, water slides, hot tubs, and a plethora of watersports for its residents.

Other common amenities include playgrounds, basketball courts, bocce ball courts and shuffleboard spaces. The newest craze in the outdoor activity sphere is pickleball. It has been the fastest growing recreational activity in America and has become the darling activity at many MH communities, specifically 55+ communities. Parks are converting old unused spaces into pickleball courts, and it is quickly becoming the biggest “must have” amenity possibly aside from a pool.

Fitness centers are becoming increasingly popular in manufactured housing parks. Residents are looking for ways to stay healthy and fit, and many parks offer lifetime fitness amenities that include treadmills, weights, and ellipticals. In certain circumstances, these fitness centers also come with amenities such as virtual fitness classes, personal trainers, and even nap rooms (Yes, we said nap rooms!).

Community centers are another increasingly popular amenity in manufactured housing parks. These are starting to take the place of the traditional “clubhouse” and converting many of those spaces into multi-purpose event centers. Community centers are a great way for park residents to come together and socialize, host events, and explore opportunities to get involved in their communities. Community centers often include meeting spaces, clubhouses, libraries, and even activity centers.

Technology has also become an important part of manufactured housing parks. Increasingly, parks are offering high-speed internet. Parks are also beginning to offer internet-enabled thermostats and appliances in their homes. Additionally, many parks are adding spaces for residents to store and charge their electric vehicles as part of their green initiatives.

Lastly, pet parks are becoming a popular amenity in manufactured housing parks. Dog parks are particularly popular, as they provide a safe space for dog owners to socialize and enjoy time with their pets as well as allow for off-leash supervised time. Parks are even adding agility courses, digging areas, and pet pools for residents to enjoy their furry friends.

Overall, manufactured housing communities have made great strides in upgrading their amenities to meet the varied and advancing needs of their residents. In addition to the traditional amenities, parks are now offering “modern” amenities such as high-speed internet, pickleball, pet parks, and community centers. These amenities bolster the resale value of manufactured homes in their respective communities and make manufactured housing parks desirable places to live.

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